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Starting 5ive: Kobe names toughest teams he played against

In the latest chapter of Kobe Bryant’s (very) entertaining farewell tour, he named the five toughest teams he has played against in his 19-year career.

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Tweets of the Day: Lim Eng Beng, Basketball Legend

Lim Eng Beng, a legend in Philippine basketball, passed away on Monday after battling liver cancer for almost three years. He was 64 years old.

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Starting 5ive: 90s NBA All-Star Game jerseys

This year’s All-Star Game jersey is keeping the classic look, making sleeve jerseys a thing of the past. Sources familiar with the matter said LeBron is happy with that decision. Here’s a look at the All-Star Game jerseys of the 90s, a time when some bold choices (that didn’t involve sleeves) were made.

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Tweets of the Day: #ThankYouKobe

A sad day in basketball.

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Starting 5ive: The Twilight Years

They had epic battles against the best. They scored at will against elite defenders. They carried their teams on their shoulders. But at the end of their legendary careers, they–like 2015 Kobe–couldn’t shake off Father Time. Kahit pa Dream Shake.

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Starting 5ive: Dubs vs Clips

The Warriors had to overcome a 23-point deficit and a near-perfect game from Chris Paul to get win No. 13. Let’s now pause for a moment of silent prayer for the basketball gods to grant us a seven-game playoff series between these two teams. Read More

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