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Tweets of the Day: #ThankYouKobe

A sad day in basketball.

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Starting 5ive: The Twilight Years

They had epic battles against the best. They scored at will against elite defenders. They carried their teams on their shoulders. But at the end of their legendary careers, they–like 2015 Kobe–couldn’t shake off Father Time. Kahit pa Dream Shake.

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Starting 5ive: Dubs vs Clips

The Warriors had to overcome a 23-point deficit and a near-perfect game from Chris Paul to get win No. 13. Let’s now pause for a moment of silent prayer for the basketball gods to grant us a seven-game playoff series between these two teams. Read More

Tweets of the Day: Dunk of the Year?

The Jazz vs Raptors game taught us three things: DeMar DeRozan has no regard for human life; Rudy Gobert is a Dragon Ball Z fan; and Rudy Gobert is still in the running for Twitter MVP.

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From Erpats to Airpats: Batch 99 tops SPCB 2015 Alumni League

Adult life forced most of these high school friends from Batch 99 of St. Paul College of Bocaue (SPCB) to go their separate ways. Different careers, relocation, parenthood, house bills, and everything else that come along with being a grown-up kept them too busy to go beyond Facebook when reconnecting with each other.

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Tweets of the Day: Undefeated Warriors

Ten straight wins. The best start in franchise history. This is what happens when someone does something great like, say, win an NBA title, and people put them down by saying they just got “lucky.” But mostly, this is what happens when you have Wardell Stephen II, son of Dell.

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Starting 5ive: Thank you, NBA

After months of sadness and deep depression, the NBA finally served its daily dose of games three weeks ago. And as expected–unless you’re a die-hard Lakers fan–it has been all kinds of glorious.

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