Spotted: Kevin Durant in Manila

By Jeff Arrienda

Two-time NBA champ and back-to-back Finals MVP Kevin Durant spent a Sunday talking about his Nike journey, designing the KD11 with Leo Chang, and going for a 3-peat with new Warrior DeMarcus Cousins. He also shared the court with some of the country’s top college stars for a 20-minute highlight reel of dunks and 3s.













[Thanks to Nike Philippines]



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Jeff Arrienda

Jeff Arrienda works for a number-crunching, paper-chasing 9-to-5 job. He’d rather play point for Barangay Ginebra or the Golden State Warriors, but lacked a growth spurt as an adolescent. Despite being glued to his room playing NBA 2K, he still manages to regularly shoot hoops with real people, mastering the art of no-call chops, shoves, and clotheslines every now and then. If you need to find him, check your regular barangay liga, he’s the guy at the end of the bench eating pizza.

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