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Basketball IQ: The Fireman vs. the Triggerman

The UAAP will once again kick off this weekend so let’s browse the UAAP annals for a bit. In 1984, Game 3 of the UAAP Finals, two high-scoring long range bombers brought the house down with their incredible marksmanship.

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Basketball IQ: Carl Lewis was drafted in the NBA

If you think that there are only four Hall of Famers from the 1984 NBA Draft (MJ, Chuck, Hakeem, and Stockton), you’re wrong. Another guy who had a Hall of Fame career is Frederick Carlton Lewis or better known as Carl Lewis.

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Basketball IQ: What country won the basketball gold medal in the 1987 Pan-Am Games?

The Pan-American Games is a sporting event that holds various athletic competitions for countries in the Americas. In 1987, Indianapolis played host to the tournament.

In the basketball gold medal game, the home team faced Brazil. Everybody on earth expected USA, featuring the likes of future NBA mainstays Danny Manning, Dan Majerle, Rex Chapman, and David Robinson, to trample the visitors. But Brazil’s Oscar Schmidt had other plans.

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Basketball IQ: The Aerial Voyager flying high

If someday you’ll be in one of those game shows and the random million-dollar question is “Who won the 1994 PBA Governor’s Cup Best Player of Conference (BPC) plum?” this piece of information will take you to the bank.

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Basketball IQ: 11-time NBA champ Bill Russell was never a Finals MVP

It may come as a surprise to you that Kawhi Leonard won the Finals MVP more times than the man the trophy was named after. But to clear things up, the only reason why Russell never won the plum is because the NBA didn’t hand out the award until 1969—his last year in the league.

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Manny Knows—Or Does He?

At guard, standing 5-foot-7, from General Santos City, the Fighting Pride of the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao!

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