Dayories: Picnic Games 2


Ayoko ng sumimangot/ Ayoko ng magalit/ Ayoko ng mamrublema/ Ayoko ng magisip/ Gusto ko lang mag basketbol.

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Dayories: Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte


The basket sees everything: every flop, every fake, every crossover, all turnovers, your favorite move, every broken play, every shot attempt. Make it count. Photo from Gio Naidas.

Dayories: The Last Shot in Baguio City

gio ariz

This is for those who are always picked last, and those who never made the cut. This is for those who won’t stop shooting. And for those who still daydream about taking the last shot. Welcome to the team. Photo by Gio Ariz.

Dayories: Sampaloc, Manila


Driving around Manila on a Saturday, you will see these street kings on almost every corner. Some are barefoot, some shirtless, but all of them always ready to play. Pay respect.

Dayories: Picnic Games

Without all the glitz and glamour that came with the opening of the 40th PBA season in Bulacan, a community of ballers opened another liga in the outskirts of Taguig on Sunday. Hosted by Mr. Pinoy Hoops Mike Swift, the Picnic Games is a tribute to the culture and the sport that knows no boundaries, regardless if you were drafted or not.

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Dayories: Cubao, Quezon City


When an opportunity to play a game of hoops presents itself on a warm Saturday afternoon, wearing the proper attire is no longer a requirement.

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Dayories: Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City


A day after Gilas elevated Philippine basketball back among the world’s elite, a kid from Quezon City took to the streets to pay tribute to the man who brought us there.

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Dayories: Puerto Princesa

Brgy. Concepcion is a quiet, coastal town in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. It’s almost two hours away from the main city and home to the Bataks, the smallest indigenous group in the province. It’s so quiet and peaceful in Brgy. Concepcion, one area is called Purok Matahimik. Aside from enjoying the ocean or trekking in the jungle, there’s not much to do around the tiny, unassuming barangay.

But of course, you can play ball.

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