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Reaction to episode 7 and 8 of The Last Dance

In this episode of the BuhayBasket podcast, we react to episodes 7 and 8 of The Last Dance. We talk about MJ’s extreme competitiveness, Steve Kerr punching MJ, the Space Jam pick-up games and the Father’s Day championship.

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Ranking the teams that lost to the Bulls in the finals

Lately, everybody’s been talking about “The Last Dance”. Anything that tells the story of Michael Jordan and the Bulls is always a welcome treat. In “The Last Dance”, we see how MJ dominated the ’90s. There was no team like The Bulls, but there were a few were other NBA squads that played amazing basketball.

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Starting 5ive: HOFA’s Stephen Songco Shares his Favorite Basketball Memorabilia

By Enzo Marcos

Stephen Songco of HOFA.ph shares his top 5 basketball memorabilia.

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