Wizards’ Turmoil 

The Wizards started the year on fire. Sadly, that fire is out. The Wizards are struggling. There’s no other way to say it. They’re currently in 12th place in the east and signs of friction within the locker room have shown up. All of the team chemistry that was there early in the season has been replaced by bickering and, sometimes, even physical altercations. Just yesterday, the suffered their 6th straight loss. After the game, Montrezl Harrell addressed the media and had some interesting thoughts regarding the state of the team. 

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How do 10 Day Contracts Work?

Reaching the NBA is the ultimate dream for all basketball players.

Every season, teams are allowed to sign free agents beyond the minimum contract, which last 10 days or three games, depending on whichever comes later. How do 10 Day contracts work?

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NBA WEEK 2 In Review

As expected, we’ve been witnessing a whole lot of awesomeness this season courtesy of electrifying players and teams like Ja Morant and the new-look Bulls. Now, here’s a quick little recap of the league’s hits (and misses) from the past few days.

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