Jordan Clarkson reacts to Filipino Heritage Night in Houston

Earlier today, the Houston Rockets hosted the Utah Jazz for the first Filipino Heritage Night this season. Jalen Green & Jordan Clarkson became the first two players of Filipino descent to share the court in one game! All fans in attendance at the Toyota Center received a Jalen Green t-shirt, while ticket sales will partially go to support organizations that work with Filipinos in Houston.

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NBA Clutch Comebacks

In this video, we talk about how a bunch of NBA superstars managed to become GOATs after surviving monumental failures. Yep, even the great ones can get overwhelmed by the game’s “biggest moments”. But that’s exactly what separates the greats from the others. They do what’s necessary to come back stronger.

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In this episode of the BuhayBasket Podcast, we talk about CHRIS WEBBER. His career is filled with many WHAT IFS. What if Orlando decided to keep him? What if he got along with Don Nelson? What if he stayed healthy in 2003? We try to answer all of those questions. We also talk about his place among the all-time great power forwards.

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NBA GLOBAL SCOUT: Want to make it to the NBA?

The NBA is using technology to find talent from around the world! They recently launched NBA Global Scout in partnership with HomeCourt, a mobile training app. NBA Global Scout was launched so that elite basketball players from around the world can showcase their talent.

THIS IS HUGE. We all know how basketball is ingrained in our culture. We also know that the Philippines is full of great basketball talents. Kai Sotto is a prime example. Using HomeCourt will give everyone a chance to make it to the big league. You just have to download the app, make a profile and input all the information.

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Zion and Bron, Giannis and James, Philly and Houston and the 8th seed in the West

In this episode of the BuhayBasket podcast we talk about micro ball in Houston, over achievers in OKC, ill-fitting pieces in Philly, beef between James and Giannis and the love fest between Zion and Bron. We wrap the episode up with a quick discussion about the 8th seed in the Western Conference.

NBA Reincarnations

In this video we talk about which of the NBA’s young talents right now are looking and PLAYING like reincarnations of the league’s past superstars. We compared the young guns to their corresponding legends using the following:
1. Physical attributes
2. Playing style
3. Attitude

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