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The Kobe-iest Kobe

By Jon Carlos Rodriguez

Who is the Kobe-iest Kobe? Is it the angry Kobe? The one who takes your beating heart off your chest and slam dunks it? The one who shoots a jumper over three defenders with the game on the line? Or the one who screams at Jeremy Lin?

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Word Up: Jordan Brand x Levi’s

By Enzo Marcos

Two iconic brands have come together to produce a beautiful piece of footwear. We went to Titan BGC to find out what the people had to say about the shoe.

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Quick Two: Judging the Nike NBA City Edition Uniforms

Nike recently unveiled the NBA City edition uniforms. Most of them were awesome. Some, not so much. BuhayBasket’s Jeff Arrienda and Enzo Marcos tell us what they think.

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