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Word Up: NBA 2K17 Launch

On September 23rd, 2k launched NBA 2K17. The newest version of their top rated NBA video game. Here’s what went down at the launch.

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Word Up: Global Hoops 2016

The spotlight was on MOA Arena over the weekend with the arrival of Global Hoops 2016, which featured some of the best streetballers from around the world.

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Word Up: Global Hoops presscon

The Global Hoops presscon was held at the legendary Tenement court in Taguig. We saw some alley-oops thrown from the third floor, sick crossovers, and living legends. Who else is hyped for the main event?

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Word Up: Crazy Explosive

The adidas Crazy Explosive gives ample ankle support while not sacrificing the flexibility of the sole. The Crazy Explosive has full-length boost cushioning from heel-to-toe that makes you feel like you’re walking on a fluffy cloud. We repeat: FULL-LENGTH BOOST.

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Word Up: Hyperdunk 2016

It’s not every day that you get to hoop with some of the biggest names in basketball. When you get an invite to the #SlamOpenRuns, you know you’re in for an interesting night.

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Word Up: Who will win the 2016 NBA Finals?

We heard what the analysts and reporters had to say. We wanted to hear the voice of the people. Who will be this year’s champion?

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