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Upper B S01EP26: The RoS-Ginebra Wrestlemania

The last time these two teams met, Ginebra fell victim to Beau Belga’s elbows, kneedrops, and crotch chops. But the Upper B team believes that Belga’s antics is just one of the Barangay’s many problems.

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Upper B S01EP23: Can Hawks and Warriors survive the NBA Playoffs?

The top two teams in the NBA right now—the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors—are killing it in the regular season, but can they survive the playoffs?

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#AskTitoMico: How is Westbrook doing these things? 

Russell Westbrook recently joined Michael Jordan as the only NBA players in the last 50 years to average 33 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists over a 10-game period. Upper B viewer @rnzrncldrn asks: How is Russell Westbrook doing these things?

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#AskTitoMico: Big, defensive Gilas or small, offensive Gilas?

Mico Halili taps the help of sports writer Carlo Pamintuan to answer this episode’s question from @kenMbaltazar: Would you prefer a slow, big, defensive Gilas team over a small, fast, offensive Gilas team?

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Head2Head: Best defenders, best scorers in the PBA

On this episode of Head2Head, Charles Tiu–sitting in for Jai Reyes–and Renren Ritualo talk about the toughest players to defend and the toughest defenders in the PBA.

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